Fantasy Football 2010 Injury Report

Fantasy Football 2010 Injury Report

The Windy City has seen some major whirlwinds the past few seasons, but the biggest one may be the inconsistencies of the Chicago Bears Jay Cutler. A few years ago Cutler was thought of as a top-few quarterback in fantasy football leagues, yet I said it loud and proud that Cutler will struggle. High interception rates and a lack of offensive talent surrounding him will prove so. Guess what, it did. He is in a division where two of the three teams, the Green Bay Packers and the Detroit Lions will give him problems. He is at the point of his career that he is a good selection for a team that is looking for a solid second quarterback and nothing more.

September 16Th Update & Advice for Beginners

Shaun Alexander – Start him. The former MVP is struggling – and that’s an understatement. Alexander has 139 and no scores over the past 4 weeks, averaging ugly 2.4 yards/carry. He only has 2 TDs on the year. Alexander will have his best chance for success this week and make fantasy football owners smile, if only temporarily. Start Shaun Alexander.

The first two rounds are the important rounds of the fantasy football draft. The two players that are chosen on every 2017 Fantasy Names will be the two players that will make or break the team. There are plenty of fantasy football cheat sheets to choose from on the Internet. NFL Fantasy Football 2010: First Round Cheat Sheet 10 Picks and Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet Round 2: Don’t Fear Rookies Early are two cheat sheets that will get any rookie fantasy football owner through the first two rounds unscathed.

Fantasy Football 2010 Injury ReportThe Kansas City Chiefs only chance to beat the Indianapolis Colts is to run the ball all day so they can keep Peyton Manning on the bench as long as possible. It is good news for fantasy football owners of Jamaal Charles.

Charles will play right into that strategy along with older running back Thomas Jones. Jones will get the carries early and Charles will take over early in the third quarter. Start Charles ahead of all but the top five fantasy football running backs.