Whistler Olympics Athletic contests

Whistler Olympics Athletic contests

Check out the occasions that will occur at the 2010 Olympics in Whistler. Learn and get a full meaning of all the Whistler Olympic sports.Towering winter sports is exactly what lots of people describe as downhill snowboarding. The preferred sport advanced from cross nation snowboarding when the chairlift was presented. There are lots of different variants of Alpine skiing; they all need a combination of speed and technique to be won.

Cross Country Snowboarding is a sport where athletes must move across snow covered surface making use of skis and posts. This sporting activity differs from Alpine Skiing as the surface alternates from downhill, to level, to uphill.


The Biathlon of the Wintertime Olympics is a mix of both cross country winter sports and rifle shooting. This sport was protested and just made periodical looks at the olympic tennis throughout the very early 1900’s as its critics called it “armed forces patrol.” Nonetheless, throughout the 1950’s, it was revived and kept, as a result of the overwhelming appeal the sport had acquired. Ski jumping is a sport where athletes are snowboarding off a large ramp. The objective of this sporting activity is to travel as for possible before touchdown. Apart from range, courts also honor factors for the style.

Nordic Combined

Nordic Incorporated is a sport where professional athletes have to compete in both cross country skiing, and ski jumping. Bobsleigh is a sporting activity where teams race down a consisted of track for the best time. A bobsled is owned in teams of 2 to four bobsledders. One bobsledder guides, while the removal of the other their bodies to ideal manipulate the gravitational pulls.

Whistler Olympics Athletic contests


Similar to Bobsleigh, Skeleton is a sport where contestants race independently down a contained track for the very best time. Unlike Bobsleigh, Skeletal system racers have to complete alone and race down the track head. Skeletal system sleds are not permitted brakes or guiding devices.

In the sporting activity of Loge, professional athletes’ race down the exact same kind of tracks utilized in Bobsledding & Skeletal system events. Loge sleds are much smaller than the ones used in Bobsleigh with just one to two individuals running each sled. Participants race down the consisted of track feet first while resting on their back.